​Johnny Manziel has bounced around a whole lot in the past few years after being drafted by the Cleveland Browns in 2014.

After his misfortunes in the NFL and legal issues, he went to play in the Canadian Football League, but was later released from his team for a contact violation and was banned from the league.

Two weeks ago, ​Manziel joined the AAF as a member of the Memphis Express. With the league suspending play on Monday with the possibility of dissolution, he warned fellow players about their money. 

​​With a mix of college players who never made it and former NFL players, the league had a good thing going for their first eight weeks of existence. Unfortunately, the league struggled to make money, forcing their unfortunate suspension of play in early April, and it's expected to cease operations in the near future.

​​Fans did enjoy the league, for the first week at least. The AAF set viewership records in Week 1, but the hype ended there. Maybe fans were just curious about who was playing or what the new league was like, which reflected the inflated initial numbers. No matter the reason, most fans found the answer after the first game.

As of right now, it seems that the ​Alliance of American Football will not continue play, and Johnny Football will be looking for a new home once more.