​The ​AAF had a strong debut weekend, but ever since then, the new football league has seen its popularity trend downwards. As of Tuesday afternoon, the league has reportedly suspended all operations as it prepares for the possibility of folding. 

It's not official that the league will disband, but it is expected to do so shortly. The league has been regarded as a major failure, and may not even be around for a second season. 

This is not how the founding members of the league envisioned their product, already on the verge of folding after less than a full season. Majority owner Tom Dundon acknowledged last week that the league may not see its second year. 

He revealed on Monday that a decision would be made on Tuesday whether to continue the league or not, and the early reports seem to suggest that the league will be disbanded. 

Per Darren Rovell, suspending the operations will cost Dundon a fortune as the majority owner stands to lose approximately $70 million on his investment in the league. Without Dundon's funding, the league is sure to falter, and the league has failed to lock down a deal with the NFLPA which would allow low-end ​NFL players to play in the AAF. 

If the AAF folds this early on, all eyes will look to the XFL which is set to debut in 2020. Hopefully Vince McMahon can create a product that lasts longer than half a season.