It's a basketball game, you lunatics. Is this what being a Duke Blue Devil is all about? You simply cannot tell me this won't deter future recruits from signing on the dotted line to play at the university.

The sad reality of it all is that the Duke players were devastated to ​lose to Michigan State in the Elite 8 despite having arguably the best team and most talent in the country. Do you think they needed any extra shame or stress?

Well, star freshman RJ Barrett has inherited even more​ of that for missing a crucial late free throw that prevent Duke from tying the game in the closing seconds of the game.

These ​Duke fans need to renounce their fanhood effective immediately. Who does this to a KID?! 

MAYBE someone can have a faint understanding doing this to a professional athlete making millions upon millions (and still, probably not), but this is beyond comprehension.

Sickening. It's moments like these we wish social media was eradicated for the rest of time.

Keep your head up, RJ. You won't have to worry about these losers when you're hooping in the NBA.