​Kentucky fans might be getting greedy in terms of their ​expectations for John Calipari, but the University itself understands exactly what they have in the 60-year-old coach.

Fresh off another Elite 8 appearance with the Wildcats, Kentucky has reportedly offered Coach Cal what amounts to a lifetime contract. This comes on the heels of ​alleged interest by UCLA, which reportedly offered Calipari a six-year deal in the $48 million range. Kentucky's response includes a 10-year tenure as coach, with an ambassador position to follow.

This won't be the last time a college coach uses another school to leverage a new contract of his own, but it's rare to see it done involving two true blue-bloods such as Kentucky and UCLA.

Calipari is by no means squeaky clean, as he's been probed by the NCAA in the past. But as numerous coaches are picked off by the recent FBI investigation, Cal continues to rack up banners and 5-star recruits. 

This most recent effort, in which he had to salvage his class with the late pickup of Ashton Hagans and commitment of grad transfer Reid Travis, might be one of his best coaching efforts yet, despite his failures against Auburn on the blocked-off road to the Final Four.

Kentucky surprisingly allowed UCLA to speak to Calipari, but assumed their longtime coach would ward off potential suitors. Instead, Kentucky was shocked by the financial resources the Bruins athletic department was willing to throw at Cal, and has instead thrust forward an offer they believe Calipari cannot refuse.

Per reports, Calipari turned down UCLA's initial overtures, but clearly, the school was inspired to act.

In his 10 seasons at Kentucky, Calipari has won one National Title and been to four Final Fours.