​For whatever reason, New England Patriots quarterback ​Tom Brady has decided in 2019 to join Twitter. In his very first tweet, Brady trolled the masses with a fake retirement rumor.

Keep in mind, you do know what day this is.

Good one, Tom. Surely not a soul fell for this obvious attempt at satire. The better story, however, is how quickly TB12's twitter following is multiplying.

At the time of the post, Brady had 134 followers. Since then, he's added tens of thousands, and it's been less than an hour.

​​I want to know how many people actually took this tweet seriously? There had to have been one person with a blue check mark who took this as gospel and tried to be first with the story, right?

Brady has been latching on to social media more and more in recent years, including his ​Instagram, but if this is the very best he has to offer on Twitter, it might be best that he sticks with IG and nothing else. Or, perhaps this is just the beginning.