Well, this troubling situation just took a very bizarre turn.

​The New York Knicks' legal department has been contacted by the 29-year-old woman who is accusing NBA big man Kristaps Porzingis of raping her inside his apartment in February of 2018, according to ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski. 

"ESPN obtained a series of text messages between the woman and Porzingis, as well as emails between her and the Knicks," the report states. "The texts and emails portray a woman who wanted to pursue a romantic relationship with Porzingis in the aftermath of the alleged assault in February 2018, but who also wanted him to honor what she says was his commitment to contribute $68,000 to a college fund for her brother."

According to emails obtained by ESPN, the accuser lived in the same apartment building as Porzingis and claimed to have gone to his apartment on the night of Feb. 6, 2018 to get his autograph. The woman told the Knicks that her encounter with Porzingis was "extremely aggressive," and that he agreed to sign a statement granting her $68,000 to help pay for her brother's college education following the alleged incident.

Porzingis' attorney, Roland G. Riopelle, said in a statement to ESPN that he thinks the documents in question are "a forgery," and that he and his client "...are aware of the complaint that was made against Mr. Porzingis [on Thursday] and unequivocally deny the allegations."

The woman detailed the "contractual agreement" with Porzingis to the Knicks, according to the original report. A copy of this document had been obtained by ESPN in which Porzingis' name is spelled incorrectly and a related signature is not confirmed to be his.

The Knicks claim to not have any further representation on Kristaps' behalf, and are presumed to have ended all communication with the alleged victim, per an email from Nov. 6.