If you thought the Boy Wonder coach in LA was above childish pranks, we have some delightful news: instead, he's one of us,

Yes, it turns out out the coach of the defending NFC champs is willing to go the extra mile to own his compatriots. With his friend ​Kliff Kingsbury now coaching in the same division as him, McVay saw no better way to initiate the young coach into the ​NFL than playing a prank on him while out at dinner recently.

McVay opened up about the story when he was on the Adam Schefter podcast.

Accompanied by the defending NFL MVP, Patrick Mahomes, Kingsbury and McVay went out to a nice dinner to talk football and have a nice bite to eat. This is where McVay pulled off his diabolical prank.

"We have a mutual friend that I put his name in my phone as Roger Goodell," said McVay. "I had this friend send me a text saying, 'I can't believe you're at dinner with Kingsbury and Mahomes. You know better than this. This is tampering. You're both losing picks."

He then went on to say, "I showed Kliff the text and he saw a ghost. I said, 'You better call (Cardinals' General Manager) Steve Keim right away.' He said, 'I thought I was going to lose the No. 1 pick.'"

The good 'ol fake text message prank. Classic. 

McVay may not have had any tricks up his sleeve that could fool Bill Belichick in the Super Bowl, but at least he had a good enough prank to fool to second youngest head coach in the NFL! That'll probably make up for the Super Bowl loss, right, Rams fans?   ​​