​Apparently, NCAA titles that are doled out by the media during recruiting season can be revoked on the court in March. 

Who knew?

The ​Duke Blue Devils, who've underperformed as a unit throughout this tournament, have been felled by Kenny Goins' 3-point strike and one particularly tricky inbounds play, falling to Michigan State 68-67. 

And the last play of the game, with a full 4.7 seconds remaining, somehow involved CASSIUS WINSTON RUNNING OUT THE ENTIRE CLOCK.

​​Coach K, a legend of this generation, somehow allowed that to happen. What an unreasonable breakdown.

Zion Williamson remained transcendent in this one, of course, posting 24 points and 14 rebounds, but failing to get the single largest one of the contest...because RJ Barrett's attempted missed free throw somehow bounced up and into the hoop.

For a team that was ​unfathomably lucky with rim lids all tourney long, how incredibly fitting.

​​Williamson, of course, will transition seamlessly to the NBA, but we're not sure about the other vaunted freshman; Barrett has been more Jeff Green than James Harden, and Cam Reddish hasn't translated his elite high school shooting at the level we anticipated.

Further down the line, Tre Jones wishes he connected as consistently as Reddish, however.

Give Michigan State the credit here. Down 3 late in the game, they were able to buckle down, earn a bucket down low, then run a phenomenal play and execute on an open Goins trey. Duke failed to execute for, essentially, four full tourney games, relying on failures of their opponents and Williamson bailouts. No longer.

Sparty will certainly party.