​Don't hate on the refs, it's never going to work in your favor. Down three points late against Minnesota, Steph Curry drilled a corner 3-pointer to tie the game. Shortly thereafter, Curry trolled the ref, pointing at the official who had called off ​Kevin Durant's potential game-winning 4-point play attempt earlier in the contest. Just one possession later, with the Wolves throwing a lob for KAT, Durant was called for a controversial foul with .5 seconds left on the clock.

​Durant took to instagram shortly after the game, sending a clear message to the officiating crew for this borderline brutal foul call.

We all know KD loves his twitter fingers.

For real, Durant took to social media in record timing. Considering his calm demeanor on the court, twitter and IG are some of the only ways to determine if the self-coined EasyMoneySniper is actually upset. In this case, the answer is a universal yes, and he wasn't alone. Just check out Steve Kerr's reaction.

Be careful coach Kerr. Fines incoming, get the wallet ready.