​We've all heard the extremely viral song "Baby Shark", and while it seems on the surface to be a song for children, ​MLB players are apparently a fan of the tune as well. ​Texas Rangers' shortstop Elvis Andrus likes the song so much, he made it his walk-up song when he comes to the plate. With  popular tune blaring through Globe Life Park's PA system, Andrus stepped into the batters box and delivered a massive opposite field blast for his first homer of the year. 

Jon Lester must have been shaking his head. It's one thing to let up a homer, but after the batter played "Baby Shark" as his walk-up song? That's just embarrassing. 

No doubt his walk-up song is a nice change of pace from the typical hip-hop and country most players use, maybe he's starting a​ new trend? 

Regardless, it's pretty hilarious that Andrus turned on a pitch from Lester after entering the batters box to a children's song.