​For the last two years, the New York Football Giants have been a mediocre team, accumulating merely eight wins over that span. There have been several across-the-board issues that people have pointed to in an effort to dissect the disaster, but quarterback Eli Manning has remained a consistent target of the blame during his regression years.

But the team's young star is doing all he can to defend him.

In a recent interview with Bleacher Report's Taylor Rooks, star running back Saquon Barkley voiced his support for the two-time champion, stating that it is the team's fault as a whole, rather than one person's issue.

​​This is certainly not the first time that someone from the ​Giants organization has spoken out in support of Manning. Barkley also goes on to state that he is bothered by the Manning criticism, and that people love to put the blame on one person, in every scenario.

While Barkley certainly does make a good point as the Giants have several holes on both sides of the ball, the play of ​Manning is not be ignored. He has been anything but stellar, and has continued to look his age more and more as the seasons go by.

With Manning having turned 38 earlier this year, the ​Giants must begin to search for their next franchise quarterback and develop him the moving forward. 

Still, expect Manning to be at the helm until they decide to transition for the future. And expect his teammates to stand behind him, as best they can.