You've got to be kidding, man.

Tristian Thompson was back in the news last month after his ​unwillingness to stay faithful to Khloe Kardashian was made public. 

Now, it appears the NBA big man was caught hitting on 17-year-old Instagram model, Yasmin Adelina, as he allegedly sent her a purple heart emoji after sliding into her DMs. And it was Adelina herself who put Thompson on blast by screenshotting the message. Yikes. 

​Infidelity is one thing, but hitting on a minor? That's freaking illegal, dude. What did he expect would happen? We honestly don't even want to know. 

He's got to be smarter than this.  

For Thompson to do this is simply a disturbing and worrying look for the former No. 4 overall pick.

We'd say he needs to make better decisions off the court, but time and time again he's made absurd calls.