The ​Philadelphia Eagles seem prepared to put all of their eggs in ​Carson Wentz's basket, but is that really a wise move? 

Head coach ​Doug Pederson has faith in his quarterbacks on-field talent, but still has zeroed in on an area in which Wentz could improve. Pederson believes that his Wentz could become a better teammate and leader for his team.

According to reports, an anonymous player claimed that Wentz wasn't a great teammate during the league meetings in Arizona. Pederson's initial response was to state that everyone could be a better teammate, even claiming that he also needs to be a better coach. 

Pederson explained what steps he thinks Wentz can take to improve as a leader and teammate saying to TheAthletic, "I think being a better teammate, sometimes just being a bit more vulnerable, being a little more accessible." He continued on to say, "You’re obviously committed to your craft and developing your skill, but it’s like you want to walk across the aisle and talk to the other side." 

If the management and staff didn't have faith that Wentz could improve on and off the field, they wouldn't have let ​Nick Foles leave the team in free agency. Clearly the team is committed to Wentz, so they have to hope that he is committed to being a good teammate and leader. 

The Eagles are also working on an ​extension that would keep their franchise quarterback in Philly for years to come. If all works out and Wentz becomes a better teammate, the Eagles could be in line for several trips to the playoffs in the coming years.