​On Tuesday, a proposal was presented and accepted for ​defensive and offensive pass interference penalties to be added to the long list of things which can be reviewed in instant replay. 

Less than 24 hours later, the NFL owners voted it through.

As we know, Saints head coach Sean Payton headed the proposal of the rule change to the owners, but he gave props to Cowboys HC Jason Garrett for an alleged impassioned speech he delivered to the owners, urging them to accept the proposition. 

Cowboys chief operating officer Stephen Jones even praised the role his coach played over the last few days. 

"I think he certainly did a great job, at the end of the day, summing up what a lot of coaches feel and what a lot of our membership feels," Jones said. "I think it was well done on his part.”

Garrett initially won over the coaches during a meeting on Sunday, and even drew acclaim from none other than Bill Belichick. 

Garrett can't get the most out of his players on the field, but managed to sway 31 of the league's 32 owners to adopting a brand new rule? 

Who would've thought?