In the wake of the ​Tommylee Lewis/Nickell Robey-Coleman fiasco in the NFC Championship, the ability to make pass interference calls and non-calls reviewable gained a ton of steam this offseason. ​

​The league finally approved a motion to make all pass interference calls reviewable on Tuesday, with the measure passing by a 31-1 vote. The only dissenting voice? ​The Cincinnati Bengals

Cincy owner Mike Brown has been wildly criticized for his inability to effect change for the Bengals. From overpaying the wrong players on the field to refusing to fire coaches like Marvin Lewis that continue to lose games year after year, the Bengals have been one of the most incompetent organizations in this league for some time.

And this latest decision only drives that point home.

Given how massive a pass interference call can be in shaping the course of a game, making them reviewable seems like a natural step forward. Even if the implementation might be less than perfect early on, the idea is still worth pursuing. Bengals ownership​​ getting weirdly defensive about this issue speaks to the disfunction and rigidity that has permeated their HQ over the last few decades.