One of the biggest challenges ​Matt LaFleur will have as the new head coach of the ​Green Bay Packers is earning the respect of the notoriously prickly Aaron Rodgers. To do this, LaFleur will need to have an encyclopedic knowledge of Rodgers' strengths and tailor an offense around them, something the rigid Mike McCarthy failed to sustain.

LaFleur has spent all offseason grinding the All-22, and has watched EVERY snap Rodgers has had over the last two seasons. 

​​Watching even a handful of Rodgers' snaps would reveal an offense that lacked dynamism and balance. LaFleur has mentioned that creating a more agile attack and utilizing play action more will be one of the keys in getting the Pack back among the NFL elite. 

​​Fluidity and the ability to adapt will be critical. After a while, McCarthy wasn't willing to change, and he got canned as a result. 

In an ideal world, Rodgers would respect LaFleur's football acumen and work with him to create an offense more reminiscent of the aerial circuses of the early 2010s that got Rodgers a ring.