NFL bombshells are flying, and they're coming fast.

After Rob Gronkowski revealed on Sunday night that he is retiring from the NFL, another shockwave has shaken the NFL landscape: the Dolphins reportedly tried to trade for Matthew Stafford before 2018.

The Dolphins' quarterback situation was up in the air with Ryan Tannehill dealing with injuries, and as a result, Miami tried to pry away the former No. 1 overall draft pick from the Lions, although, as Stafford suited up for Detroit last year, nothing ever came from the potential offers. 

This would have caused an absolute meltdown if the plan had actually come to fruition. Stafford would have likely cost Miami multiple top draft picks. 

However, now the Lions are moving forward with a re-worked core that includes Trey Flowers, while the Dolphins are working with a mess of a quarterback committee in the aftermath of trading Ryan Tannehill to the Titans.

How things change in just one year. 

Miami is already looking forward to the 2020 NFL Draft and the number of top quarterback prospects in that class, but it still doesn't hurt to think about what could have been.

Stafford in the teal and orange would have been pretty crazy, and one can only think of whether the Dolphins could have actually challenged the Patriots for the AFC East title in 2018 if the trade had gone through.