​Ever since the postseason, NFL fans have been calling for major rule changes in the league. Plain and simple, so have coaches. 

Perhaps no one more than New Orleans head man Sean Payton. 

No one has forgotten about the wild and disappointing ending to the ​NFC Championship Game, where defensive pass interference was somehow not called in favor of the Saints and receiver Tommylee Lewis. Now, steps could be taken to make sure the ​heartbreak the entire city of New Orleans felt that day won't be repeated. 

According to Payton, the NFL Competition Committee has agreed to a proposal in which coaches would be able to challenge a play if offensive/defensive pass interference is not called. 

Just so we're clear here, the only thing that has been agreed upon is for a proposal to be made. Nothing more and nothing less. However, this is an important first step. With video replay so easily accessible, why not let coaches toss the red flag on the field when an abysmal call was somehow missed by the zebras?

Now, we must all wait to see what happens next with the proposal. Should things end up coming to a vote, it's hard to imagine anyone would be against this. 

It would make the game better, no doubt about it.