Rob Gronkowski possesses one of the most vibrant personalities in all of sports. After Gronk announced his retirement on Sunday, the world has started celebrating the star for all that he stood for, both on and off the field. 

Accordingly, many videos of Gronk partying have emerged and have brought back some great memories.

One photo, however, makes it seem like Gronk's lifestyle may not have been all of the glam that we make it out to be. D.J. Byrnes was able to dig up an old photo of Gronk visiting Ohio State and he does not look so good. Check it out below: 

Looks like Gronk may have had a little too much fun before heading out to the game.

While this photo does not present Gronk in the best light, there were many other tributes that took to honoring the former Patriot. Take a look at this highlight reel put together by NFL Throwback.

Former teammate Julian Edelman even went so far as to call Gronk one of the "goats."

Gronk will be sorely missed for everything that he brought to the game. 

He partied like there was no tomorrow time and time again. At just 29 years old, it seems like Gronk still has plenty left in the tank. However, the physicality of football has taken its toll on Gronk and he is ready for a new chapter of his life. Hopefully, that involves us finding more pictures like the one above.