Everyone loves a good comeback story, especially when it involves a brave offensive lineman fighting a tough battle with Guillain-Barre Syndrome while recovering from a shoulder injury.

In August of 2018, four-time Pro Bowl selection Travis Frederick was diagnosed with the ​autoimmune disorder, which caused him to miss the entire Cowboys season. While Dallas fans were upset, everyone was rooting for him to get better and find a way to cope with the disease.

The Athletic's Calvin Watkins reports that Frederick will report to OTAs and will be ready to go when they open, which is tremendous news for everyone. He's a key piece for the best offensive line in football.

The Cowboys had an impressive run last season finishing on top of the NFC East, but came up short falling to the Rams in the Divisional Round. Frederick could be the piece they need to take them a step further in their hopes of making a Super Bowl.

​Frederick's story will be one to follow throughout the entirety of the 2019 season, especially since the Cowboys will be in the spotlight in more ways than one.