​While the ​New York Jets have made some of the biggest splashes in the 2019 ​NFL offseason with the additions of Le'Veon Bell and ​CJ Mosley, there are still a lot of holes that need plugging on this roster. Due to the Sam Darnold trade last season, the Jets only have one pick in the first two rounds. 

In an effort to stockpile picks, the Jets are shopping the No. 3 pick and former 2016 first-round pick Darron Lee, a linebacker who has been made redundant with the addition of Mosley and the emergence of Avery Williamson. 

​​While the likes of Nick Bosa, Quinnen Williams, and Josh Allen are enticing, this is a deep draft for pass-rushers, so the Jets could feasibly trade down and still select a quality rusher. 

Lee, meanwhile, was just coming into his own after a rough first two seasons. His speed and athleticism are remarkable, but he has been let down far too often by poor play diagnosis skills and physicality. 

​​It's weird to see the Jets actually making prudent moves in the offseason, but it's a refreshing change of pace from the hectic mess a Jets offseason usually is.