​The Michigan Wolverines are dominating in ​March Madness, and apparently also on social media. 

Following their big win in the Round of 32 against the No. 10 seeded Florida Gators, the Michigan social media team decided to join in on the "Florida Man" trend by posting a brutal dig at the Gators. Talk about kicking someone when they're down. 

The tweet was a pretty hilarious way for the Wolverines to rub in the fact that they ​dominated the Gators for 40 minutes on Saturday. 

For those outside the loop, the "Florida Man" trend is people Google searching their birthday and then "Florida Man" to see what obscure crime was committed by a Florida resident on said day. Michigan embraced the trend and put their own little spin on it. 

That being said, the Gators really deserve the scrutiny after putting up a measly 49 points in their disappointing loss to the Wolverines.

Clearly the Wolverines were pretty pumped to make yet another Sweet 16 appearance. 

Texas Tech and the University of Buffalo will be looking to punch their ticket into the Sweet 16 as they face off at 6:10 EST on Sunday. Unfortunately, the winner will inevitably face the confident Michigan team and could be the next victim for the program's hilarious social media team.