The New Jersey Devils may not be winning too many games of late, but they certainly win the internet for the weekend. Blake Coleman scored a silky shootout winner last night, and the Devils social media team made the best of the video by turning it into a meme. ​

​​Hey, it's the little victories that matter when you're mathematically eliminated from ​the playoffs. 

The video has everything you could possibly want. MacKenzie Blackwood getting a face full of Gatorade, David Puddy falling, and cap it off with a little Pickle Rick to finish the video. 

Real talk, that shootout goal was just too filthy to not meme it. 

The NHL has really changed from it's days as a no-fun league. Don Cherry would probably still prefer that the league remained as a black and white game. However, the Carolina Hurricanes, Vegas Golden Knights, and now the ​New Jersey Devils are really embracing this new fun-loving trend the league has taken. Let's hope more memes will come from this. ​​