​The vast majority of mock drafts may not have him going first overall, but Josh Allen nevertheless believes he's worthy of that kind of honor.

As the NFL-bound Kentucky linebacker stated at his Pro Day on Friday, "I just think I’m the best edge rusher, the best pass rusher, the best overall player in this draft." That's quite the claim considering the talent that's slated to go before him.

Gotta love the confidence and the competitiveness from Allen, though. 

The Wildcat has a strong chance to go in the top five, and his college stats do back him up as one of the most promising overall players in the pool. In his senior season, Allen posted an insane 21.5 tackles for loss, 17 sacks, 88 total tackles, four passes defended and five forced fumbles. 

The numbers don't lie; Allen is slated to be an immediate impact player at the NFL level. But it's tough to compete with Nick Bosa or Kyler Murray as the race to be the very first guy off the board.

His combination of explosiveness and strength makes him a sack machine at any level.  The ​New York Jets would be blessed to have Allen as a starting outside linebacker, especially after ​Anthony Barr reefed them with a last second re-signing in Minnesota. 

Allen may not go first or second overall, but don't be shocked to see him make an immediate contributor at the outset of his pro career.