​​The NCAA is an evil, corrupt organization in the business of taking advantage of unpaid labor. Regardless on where you fall on the spectrum of paying college athletes, we can all agree that the NCAA is typically on the wrong side of the argument, pretending to care about amateur athletics while raking in cash, untaxed. 

So when college sports' governing body tweets out a strange humble brag praising their decision to provide student-athletes with free WiFi during March Madness, you knew it'd get called out. You can add ​Alvin Kamara to that list.

We're going to side with the Saints star running back on this one. The NCAA doesn't know when to keep their mouth shut, instead falling for ridiculous traps like paying an actor to portray an unpaid college athlete in a commercial. This tweet is actually only a minor slip-up in comparison to their usual PR nightmares.

We all love the NCAA Tournament, and it typically overshadows the issues many college athletes deal with on a daily basis. For once, the NCAA is actually helping, by bringing themselves back into the conversation.