​​Boston Red Sox ace Chris Sale, just like a lot of MLB stars have in recent days, signed a ​five-year extension worth $145 million. That's a lot of cheddar and you can understand why he signed it, but the dollar amount was not the driving force.

“For me, the best possible deal wasn’t about money,” Sale said. “That is for some people, and I respect that. I actually would tell people to do that. Go to free agency … get everything you can. We have a very small window as athletes to maximize your opportunity.”

​​A big reason why Sale wanted to stay with Boston, outside of winning championships, is because their spring training facility is in Fort Myers where he lives in the offseason, and he gets to spend more time with his family.

“For me, living at my house for two extra months, picking my son up from school — I’ve made it to all of his practices for little league,” Sale said. “He has 14 games, I’ve been able to see six of them. … I have two sons, got another baby coming. I wanna be around my family. I wanna be down here. This is where I live, this is where I went to school (Florida Gulf Coast University), this is where I’ve kind of established my life.

“For me, that’s the best possible feeling. Money? It is what it is.”

Sale won't be scrounging for money, as he'll be making roughly $30 million a year, but he could've become a free agent and commanded more. But in the end, the security and comfort with the Red Sox outweighed the dollar amount.