​Before signing his ​13-year deal with the Philadelphia Phillies, there was a chance Bryce Harper could've ended up signing with the ​San Francisco Giants. At least, that's what we all thought.

Harper told Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic that by the time the Giants made a last-ditch effort to sign him, he and his wife already decided on the Phillies.

“We sat there and talked for a little bit,” Harper told Rosenthal after receiving Philly’s offer. “And I remember standing there, me hugging her and saying, ‘Hey, we’re going to Philly.’ That was before we even heard from San Fran. San Fran called back, offered whatever it was. By that point, it was kind of like, ‘I’m already a Philadelphia Phillie.’

“In my heart, I was already a Philadelphia Phillie. It was nothing against San Francisco. They’re a great organization. It’s a great city. It just came down to what I felt. And by that point, it was Philly.”

​​Harper might not admit that it was a driving force, but the taxes are much higher living in California than in Pennsylvania. 

San Francisco wasn't the highest bidder, as they reportedly offered a 12-year, $310 million contract, so he'd be making much less playing in the Bay Area, and it's not like he has great numbers at cavernous Oracle Park, possessing a slash line of .164/.305/.284 with 2 home runs in 19 games.

It appears he made the right decision both on and off the field, as the Phillies are much closer to contention than the Giants.