​The first major wave of signings in the ​NFL free agency has come and gone.

With some top free agents off the board and plenty of money spent, let's take a look at the remaining cap space for every NFL team.

The Indianapolis Colts far and away have the most cap space remaining at $74,643,486, but that's simply because they refused to pursue any big-ticket players in the first round of signings.​​

The Texans, meanwhile, have the second most cap space remaining at $43,576,792.

Already stacked following their acquisition of ​Odell Beckham Jr., the Cleveland Browns still have $35,436,422 left in the tank to round out any holes they might feel that they need to address.

The 49ers, Bills, and Titans all have over $30 million remaining while the Jets, Lions, Bengals, Raiders, Dolphins, Chiefs, Eagles, and Cardinals are all more than $20 million under the cap.

The Cowboys, Bears, Ravens, Jaguars, Saints, Packers, Chargers, Redskins, Seahawks, Broncos, and Giants, all stand at least $10 million below the cap.

​​The two defending conference champions both have fewer than $10 million to spend following their Super Bowl runs, and the Falcons, Panthers, Steelers, Vikings, and Buccaneers all round out the bottom five teams in the league, each with fewer than $5 million to go.