Even at 30-years-old and not having played a snap in the NFL since 2017, Dez Bryant's confidence is still elite. 

The former Cowboys and Saints receiver took to Twitter on Thursday to boldly claim that any team willing to take a chance on him is getting a bargain in return for his production. 

As we know, ​​​Dez is an avid social media user and is ​very hit or miss with his bold predictions

Regardless, as much as we'd love to see Bryant suit up in the ​NFL in 2019, there are not many teams willing to take risks on aging pass catchers...especially ones coming off a major Achilles injury. 

That's evidenced by Jordy Nelson, 33, and Michael Crabtree, 31, two formerly elite wide-outs remaining unemployed as we hit the second week of the league's official start to the season. 

We never doubted No. 88's confidence in himself, but when and IF he gets the chance, Dez will have to convince his doubters with his play on the field, not his Twitter fingers.