​We may not realize it, but​ Bill Belichick is a national treasure, and not because he is arguably the greatest NFL coach of all time. As we know, the six-time Super Bowl champ is a man of few words when it comes to answering the media. Only this time around, we witnessed Bill at his peak. He wanted absolutely nothing to do with persistent paparazzi swarming him and his girlfriend, Linda Holliday, as they waited for their car outside of a Los Angeles hotel. 

That's almost two minutes of being bombarded with endless questions and fake camaraderie and not once, not even close, did ​New England's head coach come close to cracking and engaging.  

Bill didn't even utter a complete sentence during that entire spiel and we're convinced that would've continued regardless of how long he was thrown questions about Tom Brady skiing, Rob Kraft, the Rams, and even Odell Beckham. 

In other news, it's rather refreshing to see a cleaned-up Belichick. We can now confirm he owns more clothing than a gray Patriots pullover.