​At any athletic level, there is an unwritten, but universal rule that states one must not, by any means, trash talk the best player unless he or she can back the talk. 

The No. 9 UCF Knights face the ​No. 1 Duke Blue Devils in the second round of the East Region on Sunday and it's fair to say that Duke will be motivated to the nth degree. 

​Knights' 7'6" senior center Tacko Fall broke the aforementioned cardinal rule of trash talk by claiming that force of nature, Zion Williamson, will NOT put him on his highlight tape on Sunday. 

​​Anybody else taking Duke on the money line? What about the spread? We don't care. Duke by 100. 

It's one thing to be confident in your game, but what kind of doomed fate is Tacko wishing upon his Knights? 

It's also one thing to challenge Zion at what he struggles with, like 3-point shooting. ​But dunking? Williamson was a nationwide brand before he even stepped on Duke's campus due to his gravity-defying slams that often went viral on the likes of YouTube and ESPN.  

Will Zion attempt to posterize the 7-foot-6 inch rim protector? We'll just have to tune in and find out, but get your popcorn ready because two of college basketball's greatest spectacles now have some personal beef to sort out.