Yikes... ​Jarrett Culver, the 20 year old player for Texas Tech, flew into the crowd during their NCAA Tournament game today against Northern Kentucky, knocking over a camera man. Culver, who was attempting to keep the play alive by chasing down the ball, was able to save it from rolling out of bounds, but not before taking out the camera man.

​​It does not appear that any injuries were sustained from the collision, as Culver is still playing in the game. 

Texas Tech and Northern Kentucky entered Friday's game with similar records (26-6, 26-8) respectively, and going into the game seem to be more or less evenly matched.

The sophomore has emerged this season as a legitimate NBA prospect after leading his team to the ​NCAA Tournament. Both his teammates and coaches have praised Culver for his passion and willingness to improve at his craft.

The man doesn't stop until he hears the whistle, that much is for sure.