​​Ja Morant of the Murray State Racers snuck into March Madness by ​the skin of his teeth, topping a heavily-favored Belmont team in the OVC finals to get a much-needed bid.

We say "needed" because every fan of basketball couldn't live without the high-flying Morant in this skill exhibition, before he's a top-five pick in the upcoming NBA Draft.

And it's a package deal; Morant's girlfriend KK Dixon joins the mix as well, and she better get ready for the high life in Chicago, New York, Phoenix, or Cleveland.

​​Dixon enjoys posing on cars, like we all do.

​​Here's the two of them goofing around. You know, like real goofs.

​​Let's get those 12.4k followers up, eh? Seems worth it.


Whether Morant's about to go on a tourney run or not remains in question; as a 12-seed, it's hard to make headway. But this is just the beginning of his fame.

So get to know Dixon for sure.​​