​Just last MLB offseason, the talk surrounding baseball came in regards to where then-Miami Marlins slugger Giancarlo Stanton would end up. Once word hit that the New York Yankees were in on Stanton, many MLB fans scoffed, not surprised that Marlins owner Derek Jeter ​sent his superstar to his former team.

Those fans didn't know the half of things.

In the New York Post book publication, "Inside the Empire: The True Power Behind the New York Yankees," ​Jeter and Cashman had a testy exchange back in 2010, when the shortstop was a free agent.

​​Jeter was coming off a career-low season, but was looking for a max contract that would take him well into his 40s. However, Cashman was not sold on that idea, as he offered Jeter a three-year, $51 million contract. The longtime Yankees captain was not receiving offers anywhere near what Cashman gave him, but still demanded more.

Once Jeter, his agent, and Cashman met again, Jeter asked Cashman what other shortstop he would want donning a Yankees uniform. Cashman would say about three names before Jeter stormed out of the meeting, saying he wanted to stay, but he didn't want to sit around and hear Cashman continue.

The relationship would remain strained for the foreseeable future. So, how did both Jeter and Cashman negotiate the trade?

Well, that answer's simple. Jeter handed negotiation duties to Michael Hill, Miami's president of baseball operations. Cashman would go back and forth with Hill with offers, before finally agreeing to a deal.

Man, looks like these two really did not like one another. In the end, Stanton is now in New York, looking to have another monster season in the Bronx.