A comeback to the NFL is hard enough and that's without dealing with battles of your own.

Eddie Lacy's fight to stay in shape has been well documented. He's openly spoken about a  battle with weight loss and has even had weight clauses in his contract. Despite all that, Lacy is still open to coming back to the NFL, though he's not fully set on trying things out. 

It's not like Lacy has been away from the league long, last playing for the Seahawks back in 2017, but he might've forgotten about some of the trolls lurking around the internet. 

Someone took a swipe at the low hanging fruit and told him to play for some "China" food. As you could've guessed, Lacy wasn't having it. 

This is someone who hasn't paid attention. Lacy has called out trolls on Twitter before for calling out eating habits. Do you think he's going to say less now that he has more time on his hands?

Line fans like this up in front of Lacy and give him a three-yard head start. Then we'll see how many fat jokes people have.