The Yankees are finally ready to unleash their big acquisition of the offseason.

No, it isn't Bryce Harper who signed with the Philadelphia Phillies. Manny Machado is equally as big of a prize but nope, New York didn't snag him either. The Evil Empire lost out to San Diego, so this offseason didn't exactly go according to plan.

No, their big addition does not take the field at all. The Yankees have added some big-time items to their menu around the stadium, including big mozzarella sticks and a tres leches milkshake. 

Sorry, this is directed more towards the people who head to the ballpark to eat rather than to watch the game.

For any self-proclaimed foodies out there, the Yankees have to be the club for you. Not only do they compete as the winningest franchise in MLB history, but they like to stay on top of culinary delights as well. 

This year, the Yankees are introducing Mighty Quinn’s MQ rib sandwich and 1/2 rack of baby back ribs, Bareburger’s vegan “Impossible burger”, vegan guacamole bites, a crispy maple chicken sandwich, Buffalo Wild Wings and the items listed above. 

​​For a franchise that's all about tradition, you can't mind these changes the club is making.