When everyone looks at the Minnesota Vikings and wonder what's wrong, all eyes usually end up on Kirk Cousins and the down year he just had. 

While the $84 million man definitely didn't help his team out, the Minnesota offensive line took a step backwards after allowing 40 sacks last season. They didn't make life easier for Dalvin Cook and Latavius Murray either with the team finishing third to last in rushing. The big boys up front should carry just as much of the blame, if not more, as the rest of the offense. 

In order to beef up that line and hopefully protect their QB while opening up some holes, the Vikings made an upgrade at guard.

Minnesota has signed right guard Josh Kline, per multiple reports. 

Without  Nick Easton coming back, the Vikings had to make sure their guard play was improving.

Kline was an undrafted free agent who, to no surprise, was found by the New England Patriots. He played for the champs for the first three years of his career before he was cut in 2016. Kline signed with the Titans and started all 46 of the games he played in over the past three seasons. 

He was cut by Tennessee just one year into his four-year deal and became available for the Vikings to scoop up.

You pave success through the offensive line and the Vikings just found a steal this late in free agency.