New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft has reportedly been offered a deal that would drop all charges against him for soliciting a prostitute in Florida.​

According to the Wall Street Journal, Florida prosecutors have proposed to drop all of the charges against Kraft if he admits that he would have been found guilty, had the case gone to trial.

If the deal sounds unusual, that's because it is.

It isn't known at this time if Kraft will accept the deal or continue his legal fight. Thanks to Kraft's means, it is extremely unlikely that he would ever see prison time for his alleged crimes. The prosecution likely sees an admission of guilt from someone of Kraft's stature as enough punishment in the court of public opinion.

No matter what happens with the court case, Kraft will almost assuredly receive some kind of punishment from the league for what they will deem as a black mark on the shield, thanks to the owner's alleged transgressions.