The Los Angeles Angels and Mike Trout are ​closing in on a 12-year deal worth at least $430 million​, making him an Angel for life. Obviously, down the road he could force his way out and play elsewhere, but that doesn't appear to be his personality.

This is big news and it blew up the baseball world, and as you can imagine, Twitter is having a field day with this news.

In case anyone's having trouble comprehending the cash, let us break it down for you.

That makes sense? Trout can join 344 water polo teams.

So, we're about to see Trouty in the playoffs annually, right?


Unfortunately, it looks like none of that occurred to Angels GM Billy Eppler ahead of time.

The best part about being Mike Trout, of course, is that no one knows who Mike Trout is.

Complete rich man anonymity. You've got to love it.

The one other guy who's getting a lot of attention today is​ Bryce Harper, who has been ​publicly recruiting Trout to Philadelphia from the minute he signed.

I'm sure Harper is heartbroken over this.

Do you think Harper's mad that Trout isn't coming to Philadelphia, or that he's not the highest paid player anymore?

Something tells me the next time those two meet up isn't going to go so smoothly.

I'm sure what cuts deeper is that his calls are going straight to Trout's voicemail.

What do you think Kyler Murray thinks about this?

And, on top of all this, the TEXANS now have a decision to make.

Unless Shohei Ohtani becomes an equally great player/pitcher or owner Arte Moreno continues to spend big money on free agents, it looks like Trout will be the highest paid player on a mediocre team for the next decade.

But hey, at least he'll have half a billion dollars in the bank.