​Wilt Chamberlain racked up numbers, folks. Boy-oh-boy, did he ever. The Big Dipper felt like the first NBA superstar that was larger than life, and tore up the record books in his years with the Warriors, 76ers, and Lakers. But despite all the points he scored, nobody is allowed to say he knocked in more regular season points than a certain serial swish artist from Germany. Tonight against the Pelicans, Dirk Nowitzki passed Wilt for sixth all-time on the ​NBA scoring charts.

​Sweet as ever after all these years.

There are never too many guaranteed first-ballot Hall of Famers in the NBA at any given time, but no one in this league has quite had the same career trajectory as this ​Mavericks legend. And now, he's got one more feather in his cap along the road to Springfield.

Take a bow, No. 41. You just made even more history.