The ​New York Giants seemed to be taking steps toward rebuilding after dealing ​Odell Beckham Jr. to the Browns. Their next moves were extremely confusing however, as the team committed to ​paying Eli Manning a $5 million bonus and then signed 30-year-old wideout ​Golden Tate to a four-year deal. 

Fans are unhappy with the team's offseason and general manager Dave Gettleman spoke to the media on Monday, hoping to give answers to the many questions surrounding the team. When asked about the Manning and Beckham Jr. situations, Gettleman had a perplexing reply.

Gettleman felt that the haul the Giants received on Beckham Jr. was an offer the team "couldn't refuse," although it's safe to say the fanbase feels differently about the trade. 

Gettleman reiterated the fact that the Giants didn't extend Odell with the intention of trading him just one year into his six-year deal. The 68-year-old GM is trying to justify the Giants' offseason moves, but it's not going well for him as the impatient fanbase remains infuriated. 

Gettleman seems to disagree with the narrative that Manning is past his prime and no longer an effective option under center. Sure, Manning had a few decent weeks in 2018, but anyone who watched the Giants play saw that he looked subpar. 

While Giants fans were hoping to for a rookie quarterback in the draft, it's seemingly unlikely that Gettleman is heading that route, as the team reportedly has ​yet to even scout top quarterback prospect Dwayne Haskins

Perhaps Gettleman should have spent a bit more time preparing for the press conference because his answers seem more likely to further infuriate fans than soothe their tempers.