Seems like any fear over an ​Odell Beckham, Jr. identity crisis in Cleveland can be put to bed already. 

A question that for some reason took years to answer in New York has been dealt with within the first week of OBJ's extended stay in Cleveland. Baker Mayfield expects to get along great with the All-Pro wideout, and that shouldn't surprise us at all.

"You could say the same thing about me. You don't want to tame it, you just let them be themselves and make plays. That's who they are, when it comes down to it. The guys in that locker room, you're going to love playing with them. And I know from Saquon [Barkley] and Sterling Shepard that l'm very close with, I know exactly who OBJ is inside the locker room and who he is to his teammates. That's the most important thing. People can have their attitudes and perspective on it, but he's himself and he has his teammates' back," Mayfield said.

Mayfield is one of the most eccentric personalities in the NFL, and one of the boldest leaders. If he expects Beckham's fiery personality to fit right in, then we have no reason to doubt him.

There's plenty to be excited about in ​Cleveland.