​Once everyone realized ​Angel Hernandez was the home plate umpire, it wasn't shocking that he was the one who ​ejected Houston Astros manager A.J. Hinch in a Spring Training game in the first inning. There's got to be more to the story than simply Hinch arguing balls and strikes, right? The Astros skipper spoke about his fiery outburst and what caused his early exit.

Hernandez is notorious for being a terrible ball-strike umpire behind the plate, and Hinch brought him over in between innings to talk about some missed calls and how he could get better. 

Well, he didn't take the constructive criticism from HInch in a positive manner. It appears the first chance he got to stick it to Hinch he went ahead and did it, and that's when the Astros skipper lost it and was ejected.

​​This is just another example of why Angel Hernandez is the least respected umpire in the game.