Russell Wilson is looking to get paid, and it seems like he's going to get exactly what he wants. Wilson's contract is set to expire after the approaching NFL season, and considering the proficiency of the quarterback on the field, he's going to receive a huge contract from someone, but you'd have to imagine it'll be coming from the Seahawks.

In fact, Wilson hinted that the contract might be the biggest ever in an interview with Jimmy Fallon, saying there's "great potential" of the possibility. 

Since being selected in the third round in the 2012 NFL Draft, Wilson has dominated the league, posting a passer rating above 90 each year while accumulating over 200 total touchdowns. The quarterback has developed into one of the best in the league and, if the Seahawks want to keep the star on their team, deserves to be paid as such. 

The Seahawks surpassed expectations last year despite losing key pieces during the offseason, making the playoffs as a the fifth seed before falling to the Cowboys in the Wild Card round.

A key part of Seattle's success was Wilson of course, and if he can deliver a similarly dominant year in 2019, there's no doubt that he will sign the NFL's biggest contract ever next offseason as a reward.