The Pistons have had a solid second half and that has a lot to do with Blake Griffin. Who would've thought that one of the better players in the league would be able to lift this team? Everyone always assumed he was strictly a dunker, but Griffin is showing off that he's much more than just a high-flyer with this incredible move against L.A. 

The Lakers have been plummeting this season, but this doesn't have to do with the two nobodies on the court covering him. That would've had anyone fooled. 

Griffin was once rumored to be uninterested in staying in Detroit before his team won seven of their last 10. The  All-Star has given us plenty of highlights over the years, but this latest one has to be toward the top just because of the fact that he isn't known as a ball-handler. 

​​If anyone stumbles over some ankles in the Detroit area, you now know who they belong to.