The Atlanta Braves were one of the bigger surprises in the MLB this season, but won't be sneaking up on anyone in 2019. They have high expectations and a target on their back, but the MLB has yet to see it really rain in Atlanta. The Bringer of Rain, Josh Donaldson, is the storm who could be arriving in full force this season and looks closer to his old form after going yard during the team's Spring Training game today.

That one got out in a hurry.

Donaldson would be a huge addition for this team if he can play at his former MVP level. The slugging third baseman signed with Atlanta this offseason after playing just 52 total games between the Bluejays and the Indians due to injuries. He signed a one-year deal to prove he can still hack it and has looked good for Atlanta prior to that big swing.

The veteran is happy to see those kinds of results, but he's just happy with his progress in March.

If that progress reaches the point where he's the All-Star caliber bat we all know he can be, the Braves are going to be an absolute problem.