​Let this be a reminder to never get on Jon Heyman's bad side. I mean, seriously, this guy spits hot fire out when he's upset. 

On Friday night, the MLB insider fired out a tweet providing Yankees fans some insights on a ​potential move involving starting pitcher Gio Gonzalez. 

This update, though, isn't really new, as we knew about their interest in the hurler ​earlier this month. Well, a Twitter troll let Heyman have it, and he didn't waste any time with his response. 

Bodied indeed. 

This poor guy probably didn't think Heyman would respond. And even if he did, who knew Heyman had this kind of venom to deliver. He was​​ clearly annoyed and took out all of his frustrations with one proverbial punch. 

Again, let this be a lesson to everyone out there. Never go after Jon Heyman.