Remember how great Baltimore's defense was last season? Hate to break it to you AFC North fans, but they're only getting better.

Many big names have already been snatched off the market, but it's the under-the-radar signings that helps separate you from the pretenders around the league. Baltimore has already made some noise in free agency and are keeping their foot on the gas pedal, adding more talent.

Baltimore is reportedly close to a deal with cornerback Justin Bethel.

Yes, they're losing some of the bigger names in Terrell Suggs and C.J. Mosley, but the strength of this team was their secondary. They finished fifth in passing yards allowed and tied for third for touchdowns given up through the air. Baltimore is already adding Earl Thomas to the mix and now Bethel. 

Bethel is not the performer he once was with three Pro Bowl appearances under his belt, but he performed at times in 2018. He had a quiet season with 14 tackles in no starts for the Falcons after signing a one-year deal with Atlanta this time last year. 

Depth never hurt anybody, and neither has the signing of a former Pro Bowler who can help you in multiple ways.