The loaded safety free agent class has come and gone with the dust finally settling. We've seen a ton of talent moved to new homes, and to some surprising spots at that. 

We're not the only ones who are surprised. Even one of the men signing the dotted line didn't end up where he thought.

Earl Thomas believed he was heading to the Chiefs.

That's what happens when a team throws a boatload of cash at you. Your plan immediately changes. 

The destination wasn't the only thing that went differently for Thomas, with his first go at free agency not being everything he hoped for. The All-Pro safety wanted to become the highest-paid safety in football, but settled for No. 2 thanks to a massive deal with Landon Collins.

When he wasn't receiving the deals he thought he should, he thought he was going to sign a one or two-year deal with the Chiefs, proving he still had what it takes, and settling for another round of free agency in the future. When the Ravens came in with a massive four-year deal worth $55 million, he had to say yes.

We don't know the extent of the Chiefs' offer or if there really was one, but we can now only dream of a secondary featuring Thomas and​ Tyrann Mathieu.