The New York Giants selecting Dwayne Haskins as the quarterback of the future makes sense to just about everyone.

Everyone except the New York Giants.

Almost every analyst and expert has the Ohio State product heading to the Giants at No. 6 overall or higher if they trade up. It's the only way the GM Dave Gettleman can regain some favor with this fanbase, but if the pitchfork-wielding Giants faithful weren't mad already, they're going to march on the Meadowlands any minute now.

The Giants are not only uninterested in Haskins, but they haven't even scouted him, per a report. 

If only the Giants paid attention to the obvious. Just imagine the position this franchise would be in.

In case you've been living under a rock the past few seasons, New York needs a quarterback. Even though they've committed to dying with the Eli Manning ship, they can still draft the heir to the throne with the sixth overall pick that they have this year, but are reportedly not interested in Haskins at all. One person within the Giants' organization even went on to reportedly say "he doesn't fit" with New York. 

The man is 6-3, with a cannon and threw for over 4,800 yards to go along with 50 touchdowns in his first year as a full-time starter. Where is the absence of a fit?

Please, someone tell Haskins that New York isn't interested in him. He doesn't deserve to get dragged along at all, let alone by a joke of a franchise like the Giants. 

Haskins, who is from New Jersey, would love to head home to New York. He even went on to tweet a since-deleted picture of him in a Giants jersey. 

Unfortunately for Haskins and Giants fans everywhere, this doesn't look like the natural fit we all thought it could be.